A digital printable is artwork that is sold as a digital JPEG file and is NOT printed or mailed to you.  Our Digital Printables can be classified as:

How do I print my digital artwork file?
At checkout, a link will be emailed to you. Download and save the file(s) to your computer.  You have many options for printing!  Print at home or take the file to a local or online printing/copy shop.*NOTE THAT YOU WILL HAVE 24 HOURS TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FILE.

What type of file will I receive for my digital printable purchase?
You will receive a high resolution JPEG file.  Most of our files are sized as 8×10" unless otherwise indicated in the item details.  The resolution of our 8x10" files is very high quality - 300 DPI (2400px x 3000px)

What if I need a different file type?
If you need a different file type please contact us with your requested format to discuss. We do not offer editable PSD (photoshop) files.

What if I need a different size?
At this time, digital printables on our site are only available in the size indicated in the product listing.  You may size the file down by cropping without losing any image quality.  Keep in mind if you size up the file you will see some decrease in quality. Be sure to check the corresponding print product listing to its digital listing for the sizes available.

Can you change the color of a digital download?
At this time, digital downloads on our site are only available in the colors shown in the product listing.  We do not offer changes to the colors of the paintings themselves.  

What is the recommended paper choice for printing?
While this is a personal preference, we recommend a matte cardstock or watercolor paper option. Some customers prefer a satin or glossy photo paper.  These are also nice options but will produce glare and some of our customers may feel this is not the best choice for framing art prints. 

Do you recommend any professional printers?
Many customers also take their files to Staples, UPS, Fedex, OfficeMax and other similar stores and achieve great results. If printing online, I recommend VistaPrint, Mpix, and Shutterfly, but there are many quality online print shops.  

Can you just print for me?
At this point, we are not doing any in house printing.

I didn't receive my digital download!
Please email Tira at tirayoung at gmail dot com if you are having any issues with your download.

Do you offer any discounts?
Join my mailing list to stay up to date on all sales, promotions and free printables.  

How many can I print?
Digital printables are for personal use only and we ask that you please do not print more than three of each file you download. See complete terms of use here.

Once I print the files, can I sell the prints?
No. Digital printables are for personal use only. Please see terms of use here.